Reasons why using pirated WordPress themes will ruin your business (and your customers too)

There are numerous Free themes available for WordPress, and some are pretty good, but you may be required to pay some amount of cash to make use of the best themes. Because of this, most WordPress users decide to go for pirated WordPress themes, a decision that doesn’t end well in the long run.

Unluckily, people often resort to WordPress piracy, and software in general because of the cost. However, using pirated WordPress themes and plugins can turn out to hurt you in different ways.

You will find information on this article explaining some disadvantages and consequences of downloading premium WordPress themes for free. You have no idea about the things that come with a pirated theme. Great premium WordPress themes do not offer only amazing website design and layout alone; it is also composed of codes that make these themes functional and secured.

Pirated WordPress themes are prone to serious security risk

Developers of premium theme put much effort on security; therefore, premium WordPress themes are usually secured, especially when you update them frequently. On the other hand, pirated WordPress themes expose you to several security threats:

  • Pirated WordPress themes contain malicious codes
  • Versions of pirated WordPress are not up-to-date
  • It is impossible to update pirated WordPress themes

Using a pirated WordPress theme makes you vulnerable to security threats, it gives hackers easy access to your site because it contains malicious codes.

Most users are unaware of this codes, or these codes are impossible to find; this is because there are strategically placed among functional codes. Since the themes are functioning well, users may not be able to identify these codes.

You can get malware infections easily by using pirated WordPress themes. Hackers can conceal malicious codes all through the files, and most WordPress users go about installing them on their websites without hesitation. Using pirated WordPress themes or software will only save you money in a short while by not purchasing a premium license, but the potential threat your site is exposed to worth taking.

No help from support if anything bad happens

One of the benefits of using premium WordPress themes is that you have unlimited access to professional support from the developers of the theme. Such feature is not available on pirated WordPress themes.

Premium WordPress themes offer support that’s cost effective. Developers get huge economies of scale when they support their themes, and employing the service of an external professional to provide support service for an hour or so is pretty expensive than purchasing premium theme instantly. The value added here should not be underrated.

Also, some serious WordPress developers offer their users with tutorials, extensive documentation and sometimes direct support should in case the need arises. Nevertheless, this is only possible because of theme and plugin sales.

As an end user, having access to support service is very important, especially if you own a large website where the functionalities hinge on a particular plugin or theme. Let’s see it this way– you might have made a monthly payment for hosting.  If you wanted to, you could host your website on a homespun server, but it is obvious the stress outweighs the cost you could save by doing so.

The same logic is applicable when you use pirated WordPress themes and plugins. You will be happy you saved money today, but in the long run, you will be stuck trying to solve problems that pop up without control. Paying for a licensed version may be expensive, but it is worth it, that’s one of the prices to pay to make your business successful.

You are unable to update your theme or plugins.

Developers of premium themes provide updates regularly to address important functions, compatibility and security problems. You don’t have access to automatic updates if you are using a pirated theme.

Your theme may develop faults if WordPress updates their system. This is another possible risk you should avoid.

This may appear as a minor issue, but outdated themes and plugins are the biggest culprits as long as WordPress vulnerability is concerned. If you don’t update elements on your site because you make use of the pirated versions, you are exposing yourself even more. Firstly, making use of software that contains malware; secondly, using outdated versions.

Well, you could get updates from the site you downloaded the theme or plugin in the first place. However, your sites become exposed to threats the more you download pirated themes or plugins. As long as WordPress is concerned, it will pay you more when you pay for licenses instead of using pirated themes and plugins.

Pirated themes have negative effects on your SEO

Pirated WordPress themes or plugins are not suitable for SEO. The goal behind pirated themes used in WordPress is usually to obtain spam link on many sites as possible. To achieve this, themes are edited to contain spam links, often in the site’s footer.

Having spam links on your website is bad for SEO. Hosting spam links on your site will attract punishment on your site’s ranking by Search engines. Furthermore, your site will appear unprofessional when visitors see these spam links. You can avoid all of this by using licensed themes or plugins for your WordPress site.

Sure, it is possible you can remove links you did not add from the code of your new theme. But that’s just a waste of precious time –trawling through the code of a theme. In addition, finding the links may be difficult. At some point, you will discover that using pirated themes is stressful, and it would have been better paying for a licensed version.

Piracy is illegal and not good for overall growth

Lecturing you about the morality of using pirated things is not on my agenda. At one point in time or another, we have used pirated products such as movies, music, eBooks, TV shows, and so on. However, the global consciousness of paying for digital content is on the rise, and people are beginning to have value for it.

Technically, WordPress themes are under GPL license; this license only covers the theme’s code. Thus, you can edit, copy, distribute, modify and resell the code as you wish. However, the theme covers the trademark rights of the developer; this permits the owner and creator of the theme prevent you from reselling their product.

Using the pirated copy of a theme means you stole the GPL license of the theme, that’s illegal. Thus, if caught by the developer, they will contact your host provider and get your account suspended.

Developers dedicate their time and effort to create a unique product. And after working for hours, they finally lunch their theme. Don’t you feel stealing their product is highly immoral and illegal, learn to develop some conscience!


I hope you know that getting involved in something with long-term risk is not promising. Besides offering you web design at an affordable rate, it has no other importance or value. Using a free WordPress theme or purchasing a premium theme depending on your budget is the best decision to take.

If you are a dedicated web developer, you know for sure that your website is your source of income. Therefore, avoiding using pirated premium themes, you do not want your business to become a liability. Ensure you obtain your premium WordPress theme from a legit source; you can try the official website of the theme provider.

What’s your opinion on WordPress piracy in general? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

Why not share your thoughts with us in the comment section below about your opinion on WordPress piracy in general.

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What do you think about WordPress piracy in general? Tell your thoughts in the comments section below!


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