How To Convince Your Clients To Use WordPress And Seal The Deal Quickly

WordPress is well known as a platform for blogging rather than a CMS. There is more to WordPress than just being a blogging platform. Now, how do you convince your client about the accessibility of the WordPress?

There are lots of Content Management Systems (CMS) available on the market. The essence of using WordPress for building websites is completely obvious, and for WordPress professionals, the platform is second nature. Most times, we often overlook that clients have little or no knowledge about this and they may want to know the benefits of using WordPress. Thus, lots of business opportunities and projects crumble because the developers fail to recognize and address those doubts.

You can speed up any deal by preparing a sales presentation that will address and overcome any potential objections. When or if something happens unexpectedly, ensure you take some time thinking of innovative solutions. According to sales professionals, this is known as having a “landmine map.” You stand a chance to reduce resistance by developing an outline of anticipated problems and thoughtful analysis.

In this article, our discussion is focused on how you can convince your clients to use WordPress for their project.

1. WordPress is Pretty Easy to Use and Learn

Millions of people in the world make use of WordPress, and almost on a daily basis, new users become members of the WordPress community by creating their first website powered by WordPress. The reason people adapt quickly to WordPress is due to its simplicity.

2. Extend WordPress by Using Themes and Plugins

Most WordPress users are neither programmers nor web designers. Just so you know many people start using this platform with little or knowledge of website design.

You can customize WordPress themes easily, many of them have a control panel that gives you control or access to upload images or logos, change colors, change the background, to create fantastic sliders, and do other exciting things on the site without writing a single code.

WordPress is very flexible and extendable by using plugins. There are numerous free and premium plugins that you can use in improving your WordPress website; these plugins have extra functions and can also integrate new platforms for your WordPress site.

3. WordPress is SEO friendly

One of the many reasons people use WordPress is due to its SEO friendly nature. WordPress can generate title tags and meta descriptions for your pages and post automatically. This Makes it easy for Search engines to recognize your content; thus, increases your ranking.

Google and other search engines employ the basis of various predefined parameters to enable your website to appear and rank well in search results. Your site will rank better in search results when you fulfill such predefined parameters. A good advantage of

WordPress is that it takes care of every SEO responsibility that CMS is supposed to handle.

4. WordPress is highly scalable

As a high-performance platform, WordPress offers powerful media management, and it is very secure. Besides this, it can be designed and tailored to carry out other unique functions.

From a design perspective, WordPress is highly customizable. You can simply use this platform as a blog using inbuilt themes, or you can scale it to obtain sophisticated designs with complex structural design to be used by a global brand.

WordPress is highly scalable when you make use of the right infrastructure, services, and resources. It can accommodate a large number of logged-in users at a time and provide millions of page views every month. WordPress can easily process a page request and quickly provide results to search queries. WordPress is very flexible, easily upgraded and can be used to power any website.

5. Gives You Total Control Over Your Website

You will get different results when you search for “website builders” or “website platforms” on Google. WordPress is most likely to be on the building list of all websites alongside other competition like WIX, Joomla, Squarespace, Shopify, Weebly, Magento, and Jimdo. These platforms are suitable for designing websites, but some commercial or non-open source platforms like Shopify, Squarespace and WIX offers limited access to control features available in the premium packages. You may have limitation such as:

  • The e-commerce functionality is usually built-in. Thus, it is impossible or difficult to expand with plugins.
  • You are restricted to any hosting provider. There is no freedom or room to experiment with new hosts and select the best value or host with better performance.
  • These companies are not open source, so you have limited access to the adjusting codes. You may find it difficult understanding a completely unique coding language, for example, Shopify uses a different coding language called Liquid. What these implies is that you may have to hire specialized developers to help effect changes you cannot handle yourself.
  • Technically, you don’t have complete ownership of your website and content. It’s more like these companies are renting you a website, so when you stop paying, you are denied access to your site and contents. This Is not so with WordPress, you own the files, and you can move them to another host at will.

6. It is The Best Blogging Platform

WordPress was created as a platform for blogging. Despite the competitions, you still cannot compare the power, elegance and advanced tools found in the WordPress blogging engine. Most Professionals prefer WordPress instead of Tumblr, Medium, Ghost, and Blogger; these options are pretty cool for hobbyists. The WordPress blog editor contains an incredible set of tools.

You can take advantage of the formatting and media tools in creating a simple, one-author blog. WordPress is vulnerable to the activities of hackers; however, regular updates and taking necessary steps can prevent this calamity from happening. It also has an option that allows you to create a full online magazine by scheduling advanced post and setting several user types for contributors and editors. It also has options for previewing and editing everything in a post and eliminating the need to write codes or use codes. WordPress truly stands out.

7. WordPress is Secure and Safe for Large Business

The WordPress platform is vulnerable to threats of hackers; you can only prevent these from happening by installing updates regularly. WordPress plugins are the leading culprit of hacking on the net. Plugins are essential in enhancing a WordPress site, so the question is how possible is it to navigate and evade these plugin issues.

According to Joost de Valk, Yoast SEO plugin creator, he said: “The biggest hacking threat is not WordPress itself, it’s all the plugins. Plugins run with administrator rights on your site. Only use plugins from trusted providers.” As a developer, you should avoid using plugins if you are not interested in this. He Also mentioned 3 sources to check out in the event an expert finds it difficult to assess your mobile device or computer:

  • When last did you update the plugin? The earlier, the better. You should pay close attention to WordPress users ratings
  • What’s the average rating of the plugin? Plugins with a bad rating are not useful.
  • What does the plugin’s changelog show? Are these new versions trustworthy?

Another useful security tip is making sure you change the password of each administrator and content regularly, at least every month.

8. Everyone is doing it

The fact that everyone else is doing something is not a good reason to tag along. However, WordPress has proven itself time after time, and now, everyone is aware of its ease-of-use, expandability, and performance. Over 29.3% of all websites are powered by WordPress; there is a good reason behind this.

Many brands make use of WordPress, they include the Houston Zoo, the Obama Foundation, Toyota, The Tribune Media Group, Plesk, jQuery, Dyn, The Chicago Sun-Times, Nginx and many more.

These sites receive millions of visitor every month. With this, you can see how reliable and powerful WordPress is for every client.

The number of websites that make use of this platform increases daily. WordPress is becoming popular more and more; thus, using this platform for any site is a smart move. Make these numbers known to your clients and give them a WordPress tour, they will be surprised at what they delayed for long.

Most of all, you should have this in mind when dealing with clients that are not interested in using the WordPress platform: What’s probably holding them back is because they fear the unknown. The ability to understand a client is a vital trait anyone working in a client-facing role should have. You will find it easy communicating with clients and making them feel comfortable when you place yourself in their shoes or learn to understand things from their angle.

Over to you

Have you ever faced any challenge in convincing a client to adopt WordPress? Share your experience in the comments below!


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