How To Convince A Client About Redesigning Their Website?

You have been contacted by a client in need of website maintenance like they would like to update some content on their homepage.

You ask for the URL of their website, after logging in, you discovered the website make use of ancient or outdated technology.

Now, you have to make a difficult choice. Do you install the necessary updates on their website? Or do you suggest a website redesign?

So, why do things like these happen?

  1. Sometimes, the client has little or no knowledge of the internet and find it difficult identifying the issues with their website.
  2. In some scenarios, the website was designed by a close friend or a family member; so they feel changing the website may show a lack of appreciation or offend the person.
  3. They made a deal with a designer who is not up to date with recent web standards resulting in an ineffective site, and the client may consider the site to be of high-quality.

So, what’s the possibility of you convincing such person that their website needs to be redesigned?

Educate them

When a problem like this surfaces, it is more likely for a designer to find ways of convincing the client to invest in a redesign. Besides landing a financial deal, this can enhance the designer’s reputation, especially when they undertake some of the following methods.

Being Unique

Ensure you check other websites of active competitors before recommending a website redesign for your client. What features do other webpage have that you lack? How easy is it to navigate? Are the available images of high quality? Are social media interactions handled in a better way?

Make a list of this websites and then thinks about key elements a good design should have. You should pay attention to every detail, for example when you invite an audience to follow you on social media; it is usually the details that make a major difference.

Explain The Essence of Mobile Optimization

In previous years, people really did not understand the importance of handling their online presence, and small companies were still able to level up and compete with their larger counterparts. However, to keep web players relevant, the need for mobile optimization was made known when Google updated its Mobilegeddon algorithm.

Suddenly, the planet’s number one search engine gave more priority to mobile-friendly designs, this made unplayable and slow mobile pages that cannot load properly on mobile devices fall off the search grid. Hence, websites could not count on their reputation to justify blocked content and fault redirects, and close to 50% of this websites now occupy the bottom ranking.

Such valuable information will allow the client consider the future of his/her website; thus, they will be willing to pay any price to stay in control of Google rankings, and also ensure that their website is totally responsive.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now and then, you will need to educate your clients about Search Engine Optimization. Your explanation of SEO should be brief and also address the fact that people can easily find their business through search engines such as Google, thus increasing customers and sales. Having an SEO friendly website is essential, it is the only way it will be favored by Google as long as search results are concerned. It becomes difficult recommending your business or service to attract prospective clients when Google bots find it difficult to recognize the kind of content on their website.

Meaningful/Important Content

For a business to be successful online, it should only make use of the best web design. Visitors will only stay longer on your website if it has an attractive design and engaging content, a good way to transform prospects into converts.

Content is about quality user experience, in other words, without meaningful content, it will be difficult for even the most visually appealing sites to make it to the client’s top list. Ensure your clients are aware of this and motivate them to take action.

Providing a solution like this will benefit both you and your client.

Social Media Influence

The essence of social media is no longer news, but some many business owners are unaware of how they can benefit from social media. An outdated website will lack any integration with social media; therefore, marketing may not be effective.

With social media, you can increase you can increase your brand awareness and also, find, connect, and build close relationships with potential customers. You increase your chances of making sales through relationship and trust.

Low Bounce Rates

More attention should be given to landing pages, and see if there are any enhancement to implement there. Most websites that are not successful cannot keep clients on their site within the first 10-20 seconds upon visit; the reason is that they don’t have engaging or relevant contents that will preserve visitor’s attention. A/B testing is the best thing to do when it comes to landing pages; this will reveal contents that are more or least favorable to users as well as provide tips on how to lower bounce rates and improve quality.

Sometimes, all that is required to increase conversion rates and revenue growth is just some minor redesign touches. However, you have to explain the benefits of this to your client and if necessary, prepare them to go the whole way.

How you can Save money/ Money Saving Features

  1. Updates: Your client may be missing out on huge money saving technology content management systems if they own a website that is over five years or is created in a static HTML format. WordPress is a good example of systems that will allow you to save more money, with WordPress, you can update or maintain your site effectively with little or no technological knowledge.
  2. Print Materials When your website is up to date, it enables you to save more on print materials especially if manuals, notices, and information changes constantly.
  3. Advertising: Reduce the cost of advertising by shifting some of your marketing budgets to online avenues, instead of adverts that will only hit targeted areas. With your website, you can target a broader market at a cheaper rate.
  4. Security: The client can save his or her self from expenses and stress by updating their website with recent security features.

Consider the Budget

Your client will be fascinated when you inform them about the greatest and latest design trends, but the problem is how do you get them to invest their money in your ideas. It is vital you sell your skills and the outcomes of your good work; unfortunately, doing this is not an easy task.

The first question they may ask is how much it’s going to cost them. It is impossible for you to round up a precise amount in advance; instead, you can draft a proposal suggesting an estimated amount that will give the man idea of the cost of redesigning their website.

Stay Flexible

Lack of compromise or your inability to know the wants or expectations of users will limit your overhaul capability for certain websites. As a matter of fact, you will be faced with some serious criticism, especially in situations where there is no concession between the user’s expectations and the essential redesign elements written in your proposal.

From experience, users hardly accept complete redesigns. Thus, what you should be on your mind is to offer something refreshing that comprises of little visual changes that may pave the way for major changes. Every method that can help keep the site up to date with recent trends is appreciated, and when such updates are clearly visible, users will be inspired to commit or handover the rest of the necessary redesign to you.

Just know it will be difficult proposing important changes to your clients, and you need to be focused on their objectives, and also explain how implementing your redesign plan will satisfy both their needs and expectations.

Communication is Key

Let’s ignore these tips for now, have in mind that locating the pain points is the best way to convince a user to redesign his or her website. Talk to them, identify the cause of their problem or what they want to improve. Use the information acquired in designing a proposal exclusively for them. Think of ideas that will provide innovative solutions to their problems.

After designing a perfect proposal, spend time educating your clients on WHY you made decisions on some particular features of the redesign.

What ideas did you bring up that enabled you in convincing your client on the need to redesign their website?

Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment below

Over to you

How do you tell your client to redesign their website, and what are the challenges? Share your tips in the comment section below


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